Ensure your BUSINESS CONTINUES, during & after a Cyber attack.

CGI - Cyber APK - GQ

Thinking ALL is "OK", can hurt you the most! With our Cyber APK, you know what's already Good, what area's to improve and what risks to accept.

CGI BSS Business Security System - GQ

Implementing Ron's proven Business Security System's processes, tools and techniques, saving you up till 50% of time and money. Staying save with our 7*24 monitoring.

CGI - Ron consulting - GQ

Would you like to have Ron Rietveld work directly with you to help create your cyber strategy / roadmap,  direct your program / team, get Results Faster.

Pragmatic, Easy & Proven Results


We build multiple layers of protection to stop hackers and criminals from disrupting your Business Operations, stealing your private information,  accessing your critical IT systems and robbing you blindly.


24*7*365 continuous monitoring of your organisations cyber security. We analyse & monitor your people, processes and IT systems to ensure no hackers, viruses, our insiders are threatening your operations.


Immediate response when a threat is detected, by our Cyber Incident Response team to help you minimize losses and continue your business operation.